Online Casino in Ireland

Online casino in ireland Online casino in ireland

Gambling in Ireland is a very old activity. It has linked with the way of life and entertainment of the Irish people. Gambling as always been a way to have fun while also increasing your chances of making a little extra.

The country is home to horse and dog racing and even operated a national lottery that had to be privatized due to financial reasons. It is safe to say that gambling in Ireland just got better with the introduction, permission and licensing of online casinos. During the course of this article, we will be looking at online casinos and gambling at large in Ireland.

Law About Online Gambling in Ireland

Looking at the stand on the law from an overview, you will almost think that the law prohibits gambling in Ireland. However, this is not exactly the case. The gambling law is actually flexible especially as it pertains to online gambling.

The Irish law states that all online casinos must obtain a license before they can operate in Ireland. It does not matter if you are an Irish-based bookmaker or an overseas bookmaker, you must obtain a license before you can operate.

Although private clubs can operate, “private casinos” players have to register with the clubs to play at the casinos. Only individuals above eighteen years of age can register at these private casinos and play. Players have to also adhere to a strict dress code of the casino operator.

Economic Situations About Irish Gambling

The gambling industry is a major source of revenue in Ireland. It is estimated to be worth about 12 billion euros. Bingos, sports betting, private casinos and online casinos are the major contributors to generating that amount.

The land-based betting industry in Ireland currently employs over seven thousand people. Land-based casinos have reduced from over 1300 to just a little over 900. Experts claim that the decline in land-based casinos is influenced by the rise of online casinos. Indeed, online casinos are estimated to generate the most revenue (77%) for the gambling industry.

In addition, about 32 slot machines have been licensed for use since 2018 despite the dwindling number of land-based casinos. Operating tax for casino operators has increased from 1% to 2%. Bet duty has also increased from 15% to 20%. This is expected to generate an extra forty million euros in revenue for the betting industry and the country at large.

Tips and Facts About Gambling in Ireland

In this section, we will be giving you other facts about betting in Ireland. There will be helpful betting tips to enable you to make the most out of betting and help you avoid developing betting problems.

Facts About Gambling in Ireland

According to The Irish Times, people who saw gambling as a recreational activity are happier than the general population. Moving forward, those who saw gambling as a means of earning a living are most likely to develop a gambling addict.

Also, horse and greyhound racing, other local sports books, Irish lotteries, private gaming clubs (aka informal casinos) and online casinos are the available gambling options in Ireland.

Another fact is that online casinos are becoming popular each day. According to Bet in Ireland, more people are now betting online via websites and mobile apps.

Tips About Gambling in Ireland

Gambling should be more about having fun than making money. This will save you from a lot of trouble. In fact, it’s not recommended considering gambling as a means of earning a living. Players should see the outcomes of gambling as totally random. RTP does not mean that you will win big after a period of time. It only ensures the casino is not operating a one-way flow of money.

To ensure more wins, you need to develop a gambling strategy. Study your options carefully before placing your bet. Play progressively to increase your chances of winning. Also, set a limit and know when to walk away, whether you are winning or losing. Do not use money intended for a project to gamble. Do not borrow money to gamble either.